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  • 10 vibes for Düzce

    like locals

    Ancient City of Prusias ad Hypium: You can follow the footprints of archaic history reached from Bithynia to the date by visiting Ancient City of Prusias and Hypium.

    Akçakoca Genoese Castle: The Genoese Castle, registered in UNESCO World Temporary Heritage List, and reached from the Roman and East Roman periods to the date. You may also enjoy the unique view of the Black Sea.

    Efteni Lake: By visiting Efteni Lake became legendary by healing Eftalya the daughter of Byzantine Emperor, you can take nature photos as well as witness the migration of birds.

    Samandere Waterfall Natural Monument: Samandere Waterfall Natural Monument provides a visual feast with its rich flora and interesting geological features such as waterfalls, falls and "Hot Spots".

    Güzeldere Waterfall Natural Park: You can enjoy the natural rage of the 120 meters high waterfall, as well as the nature of various trees in a riot of colors.

    Cumayeri Dokuzdeğirmen Rafting: In 13 km rafting route, you can feel adrenaline by rafting.

    Sarıkaya Cave: The cave, located in Yığılca district, draws a significant attention with its structural features and ceiling height.

    Hemşin Village Orhan Gazi Mosque: It is one of the most important mosques built with wooden stack technique. Having a wooden minaret, the Hemşin Village Mosque is an interesting piece with its altar, pulpit and ceiling workmanship.

    Topuk Plateau and Pond: Topuk Plateau and Pond is one of the important centers for alternative tourism activities such as canoe, tent camping, ATV and trekking as well as football tourism.

    Düzce Meatball: Geographically registered Düzce Meatball is an important locale taste.