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    Düzce Chestnut Honey

    Chestnut trees are as often as hazelnut trees in Düzce. Antimicrobial chestnut honey produced from chestnut trees is a dark brown, thick, sour, a bit bitter honey having a taste and smell specific for chestnut.

    Düzce's Endemic Weeds

    Düzce is very rich in herbaceous species like cephalaria and saffron which are the most known ones. Cephalaria, an endemic species specific for Düzce plains, grows in habitats in valley slops of Yellow Pine Forests. Saffron, which is also known as Saffron with Two Flowers, exists in open and meadow areas in Sakarca and Sinekli plateaus at 1400-1500 meters height on Elmacık Mountain.

    Düzce Plateaus

    Düzce hosts many natural and wonderful plateaus with its morphology, climate, rich water resources and flora.  Düzce plateaus, being in a sequential and holistic structure, start from Kardüz plateau and continue to Abant. There are connection roads between them being parallel with each other. Transportation is easy due to short distance (5 - 20 minutes) between the plateaus.  The structures of the plateaus are quite suitable for trekking, bicycling, tent camping, caravan, photo safari, off-road etc.

    Balıklı Plateau

    1400 meters high Balıklı Plateau (Balıklı Yaylası) is surrounded with pine, beech and hornbeam forests and is very interesting with a stream running in the middle of it.

    Derebalık Plateau

    Derebalık Plateau (Derebalık Yaylası) is 1400 mt. high and 36 km away from centrum. This plateau is very suitable for activities such as tent camping, hiking, photo-safari with its verdant nature.

    Pürenli Plateau

    Pürenli Plateau (Pürenli Yaylası) is 1400 mt. high and 28 km away from Düzce. Plateau consists of a group of plateaus where nature merges with colors, waters sounds with bird tweets.

    Kocayayla Plateau

    Kocayayla is a plain 35 km away from Düzce and 1450 mt high in the middle of pine forests in rich green shades. Plateau is an ideal location for hiking, tent camping, landscape and photography activities four seasons.

    Odayeri Plateau

    Odayeri Plateau (Odayeri Yaylası), 28 km away from Düzce, is in Çınardüzü Village. Odayeri Plateau, having intact beauties, provides opportunities for activities such as tent camping, hiking photo safari etc. within age-old trees.

    Torkul Plateau and Pond

    It is 34 km away from centrum. 1251 mt. high Torkul Pond (Torkul Göleti) is natural pond caused by a volcanic collapse.

    Within hornbeam, fir, beech, chestnut, maple, black pine trees surrounding the pond, you can do many alternative nature activities with a panoramic view.

    Düzce Tobacco Cologne

    Düzce tobacco cologne has become an icon for the city with its beautiful smell.

    Düzce Bagel

    Düzce bagel is one the street tastes and has an attractive smell, fresh and crispy structure with or without sesame.