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  • 48 hours

    in Düzce

    First Day

    In Düzce where you may do many nature activities, you can start the day early with a breakfast in Topuk Plateau and Pond.  Then, within Samandere Waterfall Natural Park, you can visit Düzce Konuralp Museum, Ancient Theatre and Roman Bridge in Ancient City of Prusias ad Hypium near to Düzce centrum, followed by heading toward Akçakoca. Akçakoca, biggest district of and having the longest coast of Düzce, is worth to see for its civilian architecture, salmon berry fields, chestnut honey, hazelnut, long coasts and sand, verdant nature, Fakıllı Cave, Çuhallı Beach, Upper Neighborhood Locale Market making you feel the Black Sea culture with locale tastes and historical houses, Genoese Castle, Aktaş Waterfall. Thanks to port and fishing ports including big and small fisher boats, you can eat fish in front of a sea view.

    Second Day

    On second day, you can let yourself go to nature. After a locale breakfast in Aydınpınar Waterfall Natural Park, you can do hiking, tent camping, photo safari etc. activities in Efteni Lake, Güzeldere Waterfall Natural Park, Pürenli and Balıklı Plateaus. You can make professional rafting in Kültür Park, Cumayeri Dokuzdeğirmen Village Rafting area.