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    Akçakoca Black Cabbage Pide

    Black Cabbage Pide originated from Ottoman period until today, is still cooked in Akçakoca villages. It is cooked using green leaves such as beet or spinach, a.k.a "mancar otu" (a kind of black cabbage). These plants grow water lands of Düzce plains receiving plenty of rain and are rich in vitamins. Black cabbage is put in prepared dough and cooked in oven.

    Akçakoca Melengüçceği Dessert

    Melengüçceği Dessert, the most authentic taste of Akçakoca, has its origins in Central Asian Turks. The dessert is prepared by frying mandate butterfat and spreading on dough, and can be eaten with cream or ice cream on it.

    Fish and Hazelnut Halva

    When you visit Akçakoca, you will chance to eat freshest seasonal fishes in front of a sea view. You should especially taste hazelnut halva with tea after fish service.

    Düzce Köftesi

    Düzce Köftesi is different from the others because it is prepared with meats of steer (preferably heifer) or lamb grown by feeding in natural environments of Düzce plateaus having a unique flora. No fat apart from its own is added to Düzce Köftesi. It includes a trace of spice and suitable amount of corn flour instead of bread.

    Konuralp Rice and Rice Dish

    Also known as town rice by regional people, Konuralp Rice originates in 1800s. Also, had been called as "Ottoman Palace Cuisine Rice", it survived until today as essential taste.

    The most important feature of Konuralp rice dish is to be cooked from locale Konuralp rice grown in Düzce Konuralp Region. While servicing Konuralp rice dish, the rice, after soaking, is takento a tray, and served with a pastry or a thin bread on it.


    Kaldirik is a weed also called as "hodan" or "ıspıt". Pickle and roasting is an essential ingredient of Black Sea dinner tables.


    Haluj is another name of Circassian or Abkhazian meat pastry. Haluj, prepared with regional cheese or potatoes, is deep fried or boiled and served with yogurt dressing.

    Sugar Cane Syrup

    Handmade and prepared once a year, sugar cane syrup is known very healthy and consumed as healing source. Sugar cane is produced in Tepeköy, Çilimli district have good effects on many diseases such as anemia, osteoporosis, weakness.

    Salmon Berry

    You should definitely taste salmon berry grown in forests and hazelnut gardens of Düzce. You can find this berry having very high nutritional value, in regional markets easily.

    Groom Candy

    The most important agriculture product of Düzce is hazelnut. In a cultural diversity, there are many tastes prepared from hazelnut. One of them is Groom Candy (Sugared Hazelnut).


    Pumpkin of Düzce has a different aroma due to the humus soil it is grown in and one of the most-loved tastes. Various dishes such as oven baked pumpkin in syrup, rolls with pumpkin, pumpkin soup, baked black pumpkin are prepared with pumpkin.

    Fresh Abkhazian Cheese

    Abkhazian Cheese, one of the regional types of cheese in Türkiye, is prepared with traditional Abkhazian production methods.

    Fumed Circassian Cheese

    Fumed Circassian Cheese is a locale cheese produced by Circassians living in Düzce. Wood quality is very important for fuming. The fume from fire of dried mulberry and acacia trees is suitable for this process.

    Circassian Chicken Dish

    Circassian Chicken Dish identifying the Circassian culture, is one of the main dishes of Circassian cuisine. The main ingredients of the dish are chicken and walnuts with walnuts being excessive in its taste.


    Abısta is a bread-like addition eaten with main dishes and prepared especially using Abkhazian or Circassian cheeses.

    Georgian Meat Pastry (Hinkali)

    Hinkali is a kind of meat pastry specific for Georgian cuisine. Thin dough is filled with ingredients made with minced meat and closed like bundle and pinched at the end. Hinkali is boiled and served hot with the water inside the bundle. In traditional manner, it is eaten by holding from the end.

    Walnut Home Pasta

    Home pasta is a kind of pasta prepared by thin-cutting the dough, spread in circles after mixing flour, egg, oil and salt. It is served with walnut. It is a pasta type well-loved in the region.

    Raw Mince Pie

    It is a traditional Crimea Turk dish for which minced meat, onion and spice mixture (uncooked) is put into spread dough and deep fried.


    It is one of the most loved tastes of Crimea Turkish cuisine. Göbete, which can be considered a kind of pastry, is generally prepared with a chicken mixture.