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    Efteni Lake

    Efteni Lake and surrounding is one the rare centers on birds' migratory routes with its rich flora and water resources. Efteni Lake is 25 km away from Düzce centrum. It has various habitats such as reed fields, open water surfaces, swamps and mud flats. It hosts 150 different bird species including storks, wild ducks, white egrets, red swans. Lake and surrounding is favorable for nature photography and bird watching.

    Circassian Kemancha (Şikepşine)

    Circassian Kamancheh is made of ash tree. It has no mechanic strings and usually stallions' tail hairs are used as strings. Circassian Kamancheh is very suitable for mourning music. This special kamancheh is used for expressing sad feelings.

    Leperüş Caucasian Folk Dance

    Among the cultural diversity, Circassian and Abkhazian people of Caucasus live in Düzce, as well. Leperüş is an authentic folk dance performed by Circassian, Abkhazian and Ubykh people of Caucasus. This folk dance, also called as "Leperüş" or "Apsuva Koşara", is accompanied with an instrument called "Pşine". It is generally performed in weddings.


    It is a wind instrument. It is usually played by Black Sea people living in Düzce in weddings.

    Aktaş Waterfall

    Aktaş Waterfall (Aktaş Şelalesi), drawing attention with its surrounding nature and environment, is in Aktaş village, Akçakoca. Water falls from 50 meter high and provides a mighty view. Green landscape around the waterfall is very convenient for nature activities such as hiking and photo-safari. Aktaş Waterfall, having a fascinating natural beauty, is one of the important hiking routes of Düzce. Route is in medium difficulty and mostly follows the stream.

    Harmankaya Waterfall

    Harmankaya Waterfall (Harmankaya Şelalesi), located in Cumayeri district, is a hidden heaven with its magnificent landscape and 700 meters hiking route in medium difficulty. It is quite suitable for activities such as trekking, rafting, canoe, photo safari and tent camping.

    Saklıkent Waterfall

    Saklıkent Waterfall (Saklıkent Şelalesi), located in Yığılca district is 40 km away from Düzce.

    Yoğunpelit Mengen Waterfall

    Waterfall is in Yığılca district, Yoğunpelit village and 56 km away from centrum. Region is rich in natural beauties.