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    Traditional Handcrafts

    There are many traditional handcrafts in Düzce, deep rooted in fast and being enlivened by different persons. Turkish decoration arts such as watering and Hüsn-i Hat, as well as many traditional handcrafts such as baton making, mother-of-pearl inlaid, tasbih making, cutlery, wood engraving, sabot making, basketry are professed by different masters.

    Çuhallı Beach

    Blue flagged Çuhallı Beach (Çuhallı Plajı) in Akçakoca is the most dynamic beach of the region. There are social facilities for foods and beverages around the beach. Also, you can make water sports in beach. The most important feature of the beach is its black pearl sands rare worldwide. This type of sand doesn't adhere to body and be easily cleaned.

    Off-road Experience

    Düzce plateaus, being in a sequential and holistic structure, start from Kardüz plateau and continue to Abant. There are connection roads between them being parallel with each other. Transportation is easy due to short distance (5 - 20 minutes) between the plateaus. The structures of the plateaus are quite suitable for off-road

    Cumayeri Dokuzdeğirmen Rafting

    Dokuzdeğirmen village, one of the rare locations where you may experience high adrenaline within unique natural beauties, is located in Cumayeri district. The village is known with its 13 km rafting route on Büyük Melen River (Büyük Melen Çayı). It is possible to make professional rafting and canoe in the region all seasons. Also, the location is quite suitable for tent camping, trekking, bicycle and photo safari activities.

    Akçakoca Yukarı Mahalle Regional Market

    Under the shadow of historical oriel-windowed houses of Upper Neighborhood of Akçakoca district, regional people exhibits and sells handcrafts in the market where reflecting the local ethnographic richness and you can find various products from rich local cuisine from melengücceği dessert and black cabbage pita to village bread, home-made pasta and dried curd, as well as dough roller, floor table, shalwar, hand-painted kerchief and ornaments used in regional ladies wear and showing the diversity of traditional handcrafts.